• Never again call unsecured with SecureTALK
  • SecureTALK is the most secure way of making mobile calls: it uses high-end security protocols and cryptography methods.
    The barrister calls his client on a guaranteed private line, the merger talks remain unknown on the trading floor and the competitor sees the new product only when it appears on the shelves.

  • With SecureTALK your calls remain confidential.

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  • No peeping toms when you chat with SecureCHAT
  • SecureCHAT lets you chat just as easy as in MSN, Skype or Whatsapp — while you know your information does not fall into the wrong hands.
    Only the sender and receiver can read a SecureCHAT message.

    SecureCHAT is without a doubt the safest way to send text messages.

  • No peeping toms when you chat with SecureCHAT.

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  • The best security protocols and encryption methods.

    Calls and messages are never saved on our servers.

    Our servers utilize an encrypted operating system
  • No special hardware needed.

    You yourself decide what device to use.
  • Use the network of your choice.

    You can even use our services without a mobile provider (WiFi).